Ordering Process

How does the ordering process work?


Ordering your items on the Pinpoint Store is very easy! Find the item you like, add item into the cart, add a description in the comment section & pay. From there I will begin working on your order. This can take generally up to 48 hours. I will email you a proof or any questions I may have before we order.


You must, fully read the proof I give you. Look for any spelling errors or mistakes. Sometimes I am fully in the project that I could miss something. I try not to let this happen, but there is a chance. If you approve the item and there is a mistake and it's printed, there is no refund. So this step is very important! Read, read and re read. All proofs will be sent to your email, so please keep an eye open for it. I will not order or print the item without you having an approval from you. 


Right now items will be sent to the office. We may make special arrangements on specific items, but this is my only option at the moment. I am working hard on figuring out this process. Some items may need an additional invoice for shipping. I will email you letting you know if your item comes across this problem.